Our customers are the greatest! We love them. We’ve been lucky enough to receive fun hand-written notes, gifts, photos, and even fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (that’s the groovy mechanic secret – we’re powered by chocolate). Want a free bumper sticker? Just let us know!


Dear Groovy Automotive,
I just want to express how thankful I am with your job WELL done, considering I had been told elsewhere my engine was shot and Don found it was something much more minor. I thank you so much for a good job and for saving me OVER $500.00!!



Dear Art & Bobby,

Wanted to thank you for helping my daughter, Ashli. She had problems with her 93 Honda in May, and June. On both occasions your operation was outstanding. It’s not always possible for me to be there to help her. It’s really a sense of comfort to know she has a place to take her automobile.

Thank you again for your honesty, care, and concern in your work.



Dear Art,

Words seem trite to express to you my sincere appreciation for the way you went “beyond the call of duty” to rectify a very bad situation – the damage to my car as the result of another mechanic.

I will always remember your patience, your expertise and the comfort you provided as I considered all options for repair. At a time when I was feeling a loss of trust and betrayal, you were most assuring.

You and your staff are a credit to your profession. I am blessed to have received your expert service.

Dr. Richard


Dear Groovy Auto,

A few months ago I had gone to a number of businesses looking for the cause of some violent jolting problems in my truck. I spent $100 before I came to you, my fourth stop. A mechanic checked it for free and immediately knew it was just a spark plug. I was so thankful I had found a decent business. I also asked him if he could please check my steering because it was really hard for me to turn, but he said “it’s fine there is nothing wrong”. I was Thankful enough and I knew I would be back.

Well, three months later I showed up for an oil change, brake check, wheel check etc. and by this time my steering was horrible. I could hardly turn it at all. The mechanic Don, called me twice to let me know he could fix everything. He did fix everything including the steering in just a few hours.

Because there was honesty from the start I came back. I know you can’t have all the answers all the time, but at least you have the important ones at the critical times.

My truck has never been easier to drive Thanks to Dons efficiency and expertise.

May your business prosper,


To the “Groovy Mechanics”,
I am writing to thank you very much for your honesty and integrity.
When I brought my car to you today, I anticipated needing needing new CV joints. That would have cost over $350.00. You looked at my car, and discovered that the trouble was not in the CV joints at all, but was the result of a failed part in the brakes. As you shop had installed new brakes on my car only a week ago, you made the necessary repair at no charge.

I would have readily paid the $350.00 to have “new” CV joints installed. It would have been so easy for you to swindle me, but you didn’t. That is so cool. It’s great to patronize a mechanic’s shop that practices honesty in business. Thank you. I will eagerly refer your business to my friends and family.



Dear Automotive Personnel:
I would like to thank you for all the help you have given to me and my car. I have been coming to you for about 6 months. Y’all have always been very fair and economical. A couple of weeks ago my car died on the road for no apparent reason. I called you and the car was towed in, checked out and I was informed that there was nothing wrong. I paid only a tow charge and was gone. The next day I was driving down Mopac and it died on me again. You towed it in, check it out and was unable to find any problems. You then used a $12.00 can of gas treatment and the car has been running better then ever.

You could of told me anything and I would have believed it, and you didn’t. Thank you for the quick and HONEST service. I will refer all of my friends to you and will continue to use your services always.

Black Convertible Mustang